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Will Roberts interviews Steven Bernstein Director and Writer on ActingUp Radio this week. It’s a real treat.

Steven and Will talk about being fearless, going after it, and also looking at things in a different way than most people do. To approach Sten to be a guest on his show, Will “Lightly” invited Steven on Instagram.

What does “Lightly” mean?

Will explains that, more in the interview, but what hea means is without being pushy, not constantly sending direct messages to him and also not pushing himself forward constantly.

Will tells actors and entertainment industry people all the time that if they don’t do social media and do it well, they are doing themselves a disservice. To do social media right, that means engaging in a proper way on the social media of your choice. Do not be the type of person that just waits for opportunities to fall in their lap, because they rarely do. Will advises running after opportunities, because life does not run after you.

So go HERE to listen to Will’s interview with Steven Bernstein, get Will’s social media tips and learn from two professionals.

steven bernstein and will roberts

Steven Bernstein interviewed by Will Roberts.

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